Hello Gorgeous Human,

I am so excited we connected – like really, really ecstatic…. I know you’re here to reconnect to your soul, your bliss and live more mindfully – creating your healthy, abundant, purpose driven life a little more each day. You know your inner POWERHOUSE is screaming at you to get out…. Take a minute to breath in relief, because all you have been searching for is here… What’s that you say “How did I hide your new body, car, career, bag, house and dream man (woman) all in this email?!” It’s pretty magical I know. It’s called making yourself look awesome on the inside and all that other stuff will fall into place once you fall in love with yourself — despite not yet having those things….

But HOW???

I’ll be sending you weekly emails with tons of free vlogs, tools, inspiration, recipes and workouts. If you need more awesomeness and support from me and hundreds of like-minded people, I have plenty of programs, meditations and events all designed to punch fear and doubt in the face and grab the love, abundance, health and success that’s waiting for YOU.

Don’t forget to check back on the site, Facebook, and Instagram! I know I can never get enough soul food and I LOVE talking to all of you. It’s kinda one of my passions.

Here’s your New Mantra:

“I leap and build my wings on the down. Anything worth my time should scare the **** out of me. I focus on faith and love the universe always provides. I am here to be awesome.”

So I’ll leave you with these questions – What do you really want? What do you want to FEEL like each day? What is stopping you from saying yes to your soul? The answers are all so close… Keep it up, you’re well on your way.

It’s time to say no to what is no longer serving you. Life is lived in the gaps between the goals. There is no later.

Much love,